Self Awareness and Relationships

It’s important to have awareness about yourself if you want to have a healthy relationship.  Many personal relationships are filled with pain. There are patterns and concerns that can keep a person stuck no matter how hard they seem to try to mitigate those obstacles. To start with, it is helpful to forgive yourself and your partner for the imperfections. No-one is perfect and our emotions and defense mechanisms get in the way from being genuine. To make sense of some of these struggles, take the time to know your attachment style. What brings you joy and how do you bring joy to yourself? Being responsible for your own choices is critical in relationships. Every single relationship you have starts with you. So, what keeps you stuck?

Is it not loving yourself? Take a few minutes to think about what it looks like to love yourself. According to the Oxford dictionary self love is regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. Apart of loving yourself is being able to set boundaries and that means saying yes when you want to say yes and saying no when you want to say no. We often do not set clear boundaries. It is important to know your boundaries and so that you can communicate your own boundaries in a clear manner.

It is also important to believe you are worthy of your own desires and your own dreams. Think about how you can move forward towards your dreams and your goals. Prioritizing yourself is a crucial aspect in healthy relationships.

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