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UR Plentiful Therapy is a Grande Prairie, Alberta Therapy Practice which specializes in ending self destructive patterns, the pattern of personalizing  life’s happenings and letting go of misery, through inner child work, mindfulness, somatic awareness, and self reflection. The different therapy approaches used are eclectic, including hypnotherapy because we are not all the same.

“My focus is to provide my clients with the guidance and support along with problem-solving strategies related to any behavioral and emotional concerns that they may have, such as being on guard, being self destructive, and having those feelings of irritability or depression. We realize the importance of providing therapy to clients where possible. Therefore, we are available to provide telephone and online sessions.”

Being mindfull
Taunya Cochrane (M.S.W, R.C.S.W/Clinical Traumatologist)

Hypno-therapy or hypnosis is a heightened state of focus, where the conscious mind is in a relaxed state (trance) while the subconscious mind is open to suggestions. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis you can concentrate intensely while blocking out distractions. It is not mind control or sleep because you are always in control. All your senses are awake, and alert and you are aware of everything that is being said. It is very different from what you may have seen on a stage show. That kind of hypnosis is for entertainment and is different than therapeutic hypnosis, that is done as a way of creating positive change.

Without pressures of the outside world art can allow you to develop new expressive possibilities which may be blocked in the subconscious. The use of art can assist with relaxation and shape new ways of looking at your thoughts and feelings into a visual piece. Many people find their voice and express it with art. This is great therapy approach for anyone who wants to express themselves and has difficulty or anyone intrigued by art and is experiencing stress.

This type of therapy focuses on challenging negative thoughts and behaviours so that the emotions are more easily regulated. The philosophy is that thoughts, behaviours and feelings are connected.

This approach is empowering you to own the ability to solve problems rather then looking at how those problems came to be. It is a goal focused approach.

This approach is about being mindful and present with where you are at in life. Most people are not aware of the part they play in life and mindfulness therapy brings that forward. I have my Levels 1, 2, 3 and master’s level of training in Mindfulness.

This therapy is for working with people who have been through a trauma. Much of the treatment can include prolonged exposure therapy. Prolonged Exposure is an approach that teaches people how to cope with their traumatic feelings and memories with their imagination and/ or by confrontation of feared objects activities or situations.

This type of therapy emphasizes personal strengths and is about empowerment. The philosophy is that people are resilient and resourceful.

This therapy separates the person from their problem. It gives them distance from their problem or situation so that they can see the situation more clearly. This approach encourages and empowers people to rely on their own skills by sharing stories, reflecting on stories and rewriting their life story.

Grande Prairie Therapy Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the safety precautions UR Plentiful Therapy has protocols and procedures in place to ensure the health and safety of all clients, staff and colleagues by:

  • Limiting the number of clients that come into the clinic/office.
  • Having clients arrive at their scheduled appointment time.
  • Sanitizing the clinic office with a wipe down of the couch and writing materials after every session.
Taunya truly is an outstanding therapist. She has been a supportive and guiding light in a pivotal time in my life. Her compassionate insites are the highlights of my week and have helped to accelerate my own growth and understanding of myself deeply. I so appreciate the additional resources she offers to me to use. She is truly the easiest person I have ever been able to open myself up to. I highly recommend her for her services she has gotten me to places I never knew was possible. I cannot speak highly enough of this remarkable lady, the world needs more people like her to want to help.
Highly recommend Taunya for the services she offers! She makes you feel comfortable and she is very personable.

One mental health technique that can help you feel calm and focused, is writing consistently in a journal or a Blog.

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