A Need for Connection But Cant get There?

Do you want to have connection with others but feel afraid to do so?  Most people want connection as having a sense of belonging is one of human natures needs. However, for a lot of people that connection is scary and that feeling of fear is so overwhelming that the security of the relationship becomes damaged. This often results in a lack of trust and an inability to feel close with others.

On the bright side, with knowledge and self compassion as well as, some coping skills this can change. Confronting the pain and the fear can help you to feel more satisfied, connected and leave you with the sense of belonging you need. This starts with you and how you see yourself, how you see others and the world around you.

For many people, as children, they did not have a voice. If there was trauma, anger or tension in the home and they could not resolve it. They would naturally feel a sense of abandonment which resulted in the child suppressing their feelings and needs.  Often, this leads to feelings of hurt and so the child will learn to do whatever they can to avoid conflict. This serves a purpose and works well as children but if the fear and need to avoid conflict continues in adulthood it can result in many other problems, including an inability to feel a secure connection.

You can re-establish the connection you need and change the patterns you are carrying throughout adulthood leading to health, happiness, and productivity. If you would like therapeutic support when working through these patterns feel free to email me for an appointment.

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