The Power of Your Voice- Healing Your Throat Chakra


COST ONLY $20.00

Nov 20, 23 at 7:00 pm

Get clarity on what is right for you, allowing yourself to express your thoughts, emotions, and desires. If you are struggling to express yourself, if you don’t feel heard or seen, if your words are not strong enough, if you struggle to express your opinion in front of others and fear of judgement is holding you back, if you think “it’s better for me not to talk” and things have been challenging for you… it is high time to claim back your power and to find your voice!

You will experience:

Healing with sound/guided meditation.

Journal questions for reflection.

Reaffirming positive affirmations to unlock the power of your voice.

Learn how to communicate your emotions.

The power of inner talk.

How to Speak from your Heart and express yourself.

Active Listening: how it influences your Throat Chakra

You will clear: 

Ways to reframe the Negative inner talk.

Ways to work with your inner critic.


How to find your Voice and become grounded

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