Healing The Heart Chakra March 14

We are so excited to offer this 2 hour class on the Heart Chakra, please email to sign up or ask if you have any questions: Info is below

Gratitude, Acceptance, Unconditional Love, Compassion, and Joy

March 14 7:30 pm ——————————-$25.00

Register now by calling 780-689-7695 or email urplentifultherapy@gmail.com

Learn about:

• Heart Chakra Insights
• Clearing Blockages with guided meditation for any energy transformation
• Powerful Love Affirmations

• Self-love and forgiveness techniques

Do you?

Attract the Wrong Crowd
Struggle with Boundaries
Have Trust Issues
Self Criticize
If you want to resolve issues related to low self-esteem or poor boundaries this group is a simple, energetic shift that can change your life!
The health of your heart chakra influences relationships and self-view. Stop neglecting yourself for belonging. Discover self-love within. Reclaim and heal your heart chakra energy.
This class is aimed at empowering you with practical and effective tools to heal yourself.

Who Should Attend?

· Those seeking self-love and the love for others.
· Individuals aiming for empathy and compassion.
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