You can achieve Calmness

You can achieve Calmness

Having the feeling of calmness occurs in both the physical and mental being. Both states work together in a group effort of the body and mind. For many people who are lacking a sense of safety and security or are on defense because of different reasons often feel unsettled.  Having periods of calmness is a human need. We need to have a feeling of safety to grow and to heal, therefore meditation, visual imagery and solitude are so helpful in establishing a healthy sense of secure well being.  When our mind is telling the body that it is in danger the nervous system acts defensively and the body becomes tense and strained.  There are resources that can help to maintain a healthy well being. Some are listed below, if you would like further information or support in working through some of these concepts, please contract me for an appointment.

Deep breathing or other relaxation exercises

Detach from negative news or negative updates.

Set boundaries with people that demand your time.

Don’t jump to conclusions before you have all the information.

When things do not occur the way you like it is not the end but an opportunity to build strength

Having anxiety is the new norm, it is so common that it has become apart of who people are. Calmness can be achieved, and it is attainable with structure, commitment and creativity.


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