What to do if your energy is depleted:

Throughout the day there are many easy opportunities that you can use to build your energy:

  • Get sufficient sleep. This is the easiest way to build up your energy. Try to structure a nighttime routine with doing something calming prior to bed (journaling, having a bath, meditating). Make your bedroom an oasis and only use it for relaxation such as sleep, not a place to check emails, watch television or engage in social media.
  • Exercise your body regularly by moving your body. Going for walks, riding a bike, going swimming are all great examples of moving and caring for your body physically.
  • Eat regularly and healthy, vitamin-enriched foods. Foods that feed the brain and body and make it want to thrive. Foods that provide you with energy and do not drag you down. Also eat slowly and enjoy your food that you are eating. This helps with appreciation and allows you to be present.
  • Spend time in nature. It is healthy to expose yourself to fresh air, sunlight and the sun.
  • Limit your exposure to media and the Internet. Choose entertainment with positive vibrations. This includes what you are reading or watching. Focus on filling your brain and mind with positive energy and gratitude.
  • Take time to play. Do things you enjoy that make you laugh and want to do more of. Do your daily activities influence your energy level? Work is never done and so it is critical to take time to play. As Brene Brown in her book The Power of Vulnerability, the opposite of play is depression. The more alive you are, the more radiant and alive your energy field.
  • Make Your Home a Safe and Comfortable Environment. Our energy is impacted by our environments. Strive to circle yourself with uplifting people who work hard on focusing on the positives in life. Its not to say the challenges are not there but focusing on gratitude will help you to restore your energy and happiness. Removing clutter and including art or colours that up lift you can also help with this. Your home should be fun and calming all in one.

Rebuilding your energy is possible. You can do simple things to lift your energy. There is a sense of choice in the matter. You can choose these actions to feel better about yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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