Tips – Help your Child with Mindfulness

Most of us are super busy with jobs, families, and life in general. The numbers of people who struggle with anxiety continues to increase. It is important to practice self care and calm the mind and body. This can be done with mindfulness techniques. This blog is a guide that will help you to teach your children how to adapt mindfulness in their daily routines so they can feel more at piece with themselves and the world around them. We all benefit from stress reduction, inner peace, emotional regulation, and improved ability to focus.  Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment, without judgement.

Taking the time to teach your child how to be mindful can help them to improve on their coping skills and self care so that they can more easily manage the challenges that life brings them. After parenting my own children and watching my grandchildren grow, I know that life can be very busy so these tips will include how you can incorporate mindfulness in daily activities.

-go for a walk with your child and make note of what you see. For example, play a game like I spy something of a colour. Make note and discuss things you hear or smell. This can be done anywhere.

-help your child to identify how they are feeling in their body and name emotions that they may be having. You can aske them questions about how they are feeling and teach them how to express their emotions with words. I have done this with my own children by naming my emotions and telling them I needed to take time myself to calm down or regulate myself when I am upset.

– explore the importance of slow and controlled breathing. This can help your child be more present and feel more in control of their body and emotions. I have encouraged children to imagine they are blowing bubbles or put their hand on the stomach to feel and see their hand move with their breathes. It is helpful to have them practice this skill when they are calm so they can see how well it works and feel the difference immediately, prior to when they are feeling bigger emotions.

-mindfulness can be practiced with eating and with paying attention to the different foods. Encourage your children to explore the different tastes, smells, and textures of the different foods. Eat slowly and encourage them to do the same by asking them questions about the food they are eating. It may also help your child to be mindful if they cook with you. I know my grandchildren love to cook with me.

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