Sharing Secrets

Sharing secrets with loved ones can be tough. These secrets are held closely for a reason, but thankfully there are different tips and strategies that you can use to help you with this process.

It is a great idea to think about what you want to say prior to having the conversation. Let the person you want to share with know ahead of time that you have something you want to tell them and ask them when a good time to share would be.

Reflect on if you simply want to share or if you want their advice, and state so prior to the conversation occurring.

Pick a time to share when both parties have the time to pay attention and are not distracted with other things happening at the same time (children running around, waiting for a phone call etc).

When you are starting the conversation, do so in a straightforward manner. Do not be passive or aggressive but express what you need to say in a clear way that is direct. Don’t answer questions that you do not know the answers too (health questions for illnesses).

Think of the person you are talking to and where they are at in their life. If the information will cause distress, is might be helpful to have a third-party present (affairs, bankruptcy).

Know that sharing these secrets is honest and being honest allows you to feel more respect for yourself. Being open can give you the power to make changes and allows others to respect you more for telling the truth. Know that there is satisfaction in being authentic and truthful.

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