Shame and Anxiety

Shame and Anxiety

According to the Webster dictionary shame is a painful emotion caused by having done something wrong or improper. This self-blame that so many people hold can be debilitating because it is a strong internal feeling of inferiority that impacts how we see ourselves.

The self-loathing messages that you are not good enough creates self-doubt and insecurity. The desire to want to bury your head and hide becomes overpowering. Sometimes sharing these deep feelings can help to reduce the intensity of the shame felt. We are all worthy of being loved and we all make mistakes. Being flawed is a part of being human and we all feel shame at times.

It might be helpful to think about what triggers these feelings of shame within yourself and talk about those feelings with someone that you feel safe with and trust or with a therapist.

Talking about your feelings of shame can decrease the feelings of despair that you may be having, it can move you towards compassion and understanding.

This is critical because having a sense of belonging and connection is a part of healthy emotional well-being. It is one of our needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a theorist of human motivation. The shame we feel is normal and talking about the feeling can prevent internal self-harm. Anxiety is a consequence of shame and self-doubt. You can choose to grow from your shame and move past it.

Managing Anxiety Webinar

This webinar contains important information on what anxiety is and how different people respond when they are anxious. It explores the foundations of self care so that the anxiety can be treated in a more effective manner. It also discusses the importance of relaxation exercises and provides some practical tips on how to practice relaxation. Anxiety is apart of everyday life but it does not need to impact your daily functioning. You do have some control over your anxiety and how you manage it. This webinar with assist you in that management plan.

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