Self Motivating Techniques

Being self motivated can be a challenge. The anxiety of perfectionism and being a self critical is or can be detrimental in stopping a person from being the best that they can be. Thankfully there are things that can be done to help minimize these qualities and increase motivation. According to the ACSW Clinical Social Work guidelines below are some self motivating techniques.

Self motivating techniques:

1)         visualizing the goal

2)         reminding yourself of why this change is needed

3)         making up a contract with yourself of the steps you will take

4)         reward yourself

5)         take a break to do something you enjoy

6)         be around positive people that encourage you

7)         educate yourself about the steps that will assist in change

8)         Breakdown the goals into achievable steps

9)         forgive yourself for setbacks.

10)       conceptualize a new reality of what life will be like when the change happens.

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