Making New Friends Can be Hard

Loneliness affects most of us at times. It can be hard to make friends, especially when you are new to an area. It is healthy to acknowledge your feelings and practice self care. But then there are steps that can be taken to help make friends. According to Psychology Today (April 2023) below are some steps that can help:

-make an effort. Reach out- with a phone call or by asking the new neighbour to meet for coffee. Make the time.

-be more open and curious. (You do not have to be trusting to the point of being reckless)

-Get comfortable with starting conversations; striking up a chat with a new co-worker is a good example.

-People make friends with those who have similar interests- perhaps at the gym, or art class.

-Make friends through friends. Throw a dinner party and ask your guests to bring a plus one.

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