Is Online Therapy as Effective as in Person?

“Research shows that teletherapy or online therapy provides the same quality of care as traditional face to face therapy. According to the American Psychological Association, teletherapy is just as effective as in-person sessions for treating a wide range of mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety disorders.”

Online therapy is a newer form of therapy, which has really sky rocketed since COVID 19. Many people find it beneficial because they can do it from wherever they are at, whether it be on phone or online. Partaking in therapy from your own home or vehicle (helpful for those that work away for long periods of time) may even make it easier and more convenient for you to be open about your problems. In many ways the security of what you are familiar with can make emotional and intense emotions easier to manage.

Online therapy or phone therapy sessions are easy to access as you do not need to add in time for commuting which takes away from time at work or other priorities in life.


Ur Plentiful has a great online therapist that specializes in addictions, trauma, depression and anxiety. She also offers couples therapy. Feel free to contact 780-689-7695 to book an appointment with Cindy.

Online Therapy: Is it Right for You?

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