Is Hypnosis Working?

Many people have different pre-conceived notions of what hypnosis feels like and so they do not really know if it is working to start with. Therefore, this is a common question I believe is important to answer. There are different signs to be aware of that will allow you to know that you are in fact being hypnotized.

-There will likely be physical and mental changes. There is usually a distortion in time. I have had numerous clients state that they felt like they had a 2-to-3-hour nap when the 45 minute to one hour session is over.

-Another indication that tells you that you are hypnotized is that your mental chatter (overthinking) will quiet down. This is one of the required aspects to effective hypnosis as the body and mind relaxes it opens to new suggestions or ways of healing. One of the hardest obstacles in healing is changing patterns that you have done for years as the body naturally wants to do what it knows. We are creatures of habit.

-Additionally, another clue that communicates with you that you are being hypnotized is that you will feel deeply relaxed. With this relaxation there may be a feeling of numbness or a tingly feeling but is not necessary.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis so you will be aware of what is occurring and will be making the choice to be hypnotized. This deep relaxed state often helps people to feel calmer, more content and even at times more intuitive with themselves, their feelings and their environment.

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