Experiencing Peace Through Your Senses

In our busy world it is important to find ways to calm the body and mind. There are ways that anxiety can be managed through using your senses. The senses can help increase tolerance levels, and improve how we feel about ourselves, others, and the world. This blog will give you tools to help with creating contentment through using your senses.


I love being in nature. It has improved my physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  Taking time to notice colours, movements and shapes can be powerful and rejuvenating. I found peace and solitude by watching and admiring the beauty that nature has to offer- flowers, sunrise, sunset, tree branches, snow crystals etc. Simply, going for a walk or a drive, and noticing your surroundings can bring harmony to your soul. Take some time to soak in what you see and connect visually.


The power of touch can calm nerves and slow down the heartbeat, which also lowers the stress hormone and promotes emotional bonding. This is one reason we give young children kisses and hugs when they are hurt.  We may also reach out to hug someone who has been grieving or to console someone. Touch has proven to improve the mood by increasing dopamine in the brain.


The power of music can support or hinder emotional states; songs and sounds can bring about joy, sadness, peace and harmony. We can choose music that best fits our emotional needs and to help relax or lift your spirits because it influences the mood adjustments that you desire. I listen to “Today is Gonna be a Good Day” by the Black Eyed Peas when I know my day will entail a lot of pressure or stress. This song helps me to enter the day in an optimistic way. Music can also be used to connect family and bring about laughter.


There are certain taste experiences that make us feel so good, like that first cup of coffee. Food can bring feelings of happiness or contentment, leaving a sense of comfort. This is one reason why many celebrations and gatherings include food.


The sense of smell can also connect us with memories and emotions that are both positive and challenging. Smells can remind us of memories with loved ones and promote a feeling of calmness. Find smells that create a calm feeling and bring happiness to you. Certain aromas like lavender or jasmine can help you sleep and feel at peace.

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