Do you feel like you are a failure?

Many people will have a chronic sense of guilt, or a strong sense of responsibility. This can often be connected to having been through a traumatic event or multiple traumatic events. This low sense of self worth can make you feel like something is wrong with you. Many people do not place blame where blame should be placed. They take responsibility for situations that they did not have control over, and they often criticize themselves for not doing something to prevent the situation that occurred.

  • Do you often tell yourself that you are a failure?
  • Do you often carry shame with you?
  • Do struggle with trusting your ability to make decisions?
  • Do you feel that you have a low self worth?

This ongoing internal dialogue can affect your ability to believe in yourself and to have the confidence to make changes in your life. Having a strong sense of who you are and having the confidence in your ability to make decisions can help prevent you from being destroyed when your feelings are hurt, or you have been rejected. This positive sense of self worth can help you to be resilient to the changes in life.

On a good note, you can change your self-perception by challenging your negative thoughts and seeking outside input.  Having a positive sense of self can help you to follow your dreams and face the challenges life bring upon you. Having a strong sense of self can impact how you interact with others, increase your ability to set boundaries and help flourish relationships that align with your values and beliefs. You can have a sense of control over how you feel about yourself.

It helps to recognize how you are feeling and think about the thoughts that are creating those feelings.

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