COVID 19 and Anxiety

COVID 19 and Anxiety

I want to blog about the Corona Virus or COVID 19, so we can all better manage our anxieties during this global pandemic. I know this is a stressful time and so I feel its important to have information on coping tools. People are constantly stressed and nervous about the virus and unable to get away from that worry and fear. These stressful feelings we/you are having are normal because we are continually hearing about the harm the COVID 19 can do to us from social media and news. Our bodies and nervous systems are reacting in a fight or flight mode and cannot release the anxiety or tension because there are no known treatments, at this point for COVID 19.

It is much like our world has been uprooted.

  • So, I wanted to take this time in this blog to encourage you to socialize with those people close to you in a safe mode by either Skype, face time, online chat or telephone. We need that connection to stay well and feel safe. This connection also assists with calming our systems, in turn our nervous systems take a bit of a break from being amped us making us hyper vigilant.
  • I also want to encourage you to do what you need to do to help you feel safe like buying a mask, staying home if possible and using hand sanitizer. Taking these precautions might help with calming you. Our minds are powerful and if we can tell ourselves we are safe then we will in turn feel safer. Remember that our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are all interconnected.
  • Also, limit the time you spend online reading chats about COVID 19 or watching the news. This information and these discussions can be quite worrisome and overwhelming.

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