Are You Anxious About Valentine’s Day

Anxious About Valentine’s Day?

What do you do on Valentine’s Day with the one you love if you are feeling disconnected or there is tension in your relationship?

Are you feeling anxious about making the day special for the person that you love?


These are great questions.  It will likely take some more time than the Valentines day alone to reconnect but there is no better day to show appreciation to the one you care about then on Valentines Day.  There may not be simple answers to all these questions, but I do have a few suggestions that may help you.

  • Take time to remember why you fell in love with your partner and remember what you are grateful for by having that person in your life.
  • Discuss the expectations of this day with the one you love so there are no surprises of expectations. You are not perfect, and neither is your partner so remember you cannot read minds. Make plans together. This way no one is disappointed and each other is heard.

No one is in a perfect relationship and no-one wants to disappoint their special Valentine. For many people chocolates and flowers are not as meaningful as building memories or doing things for your partner like cooking dinner for your loved one or making their favorite dessert.

Questions that you can reflect on with your Valentine are,

  • What can you do for your loved one to lighten the load in the day?
  • What does your loved one enjoy that they do not normally do for themselves?
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