2020 and COVID 19 Anxiety Arises

2020 and COVID 19 Anxiety Arises

The year 2020 has changed our world in many ways. COVID 19 has impacted everyone, worldwide, no matter your race or class. We are all affected. The government has forced us to change the way we see things and do things. There are so many unknowns and these unknowns are creating an overwhelming feeling of anxiety for many people whom are accessing therapy for support.

It is easy to become caught up with the craziness of our world today and let that anxiety overtake the mental well being, but it is not benefiting us. I believe it is important to think realistically and focus on our strengths; this is what my therapy process is about, empowerment so that the sight of anxiety management is nearby. It is important to educate ourselves about what is happening in our world and to gain insight from different perspectives surrounding COVID 19.

This information can help create awareness and with that awareness we can develop our own plans as to what we need to do next and prevent anxiety from overtaking us.

When we take the time to reflect on our coping plan our anxiety decreases.

What are our strengths?

How can we come out of this stronger, not a victimized or persecuted but living life fully, empowered and more confident?

It is our lens that influences how we see things. Our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are all connected to each other and so controlling our thoughts will change our mood.

PERSONAL NOTE: At first, I was quite stressed and concerned about COVID 19 and was concerned about how it would change the world, and impact my life, my husband’s life, my children’s life, my grandchildren’s life, my community, and the world in general. Then I started to think about it further. We have been in such a fast-paced society that COVID 19 has forced us to slow down. I believe with this slowing down has brought our community closer together. Since COVID 19 I see more people supporting each other and more people being grateful for what they have. On social media people are continually reaching out to offer their donations and emotional support to one another. In the Tim Horton’s drive through it is twice in the last month that I have my coffee bought for me from the person ahead. The outreach agencies that we gratefully have, are also working long hours to serve those in need. Overall, maybe COVID 19 is a wake-up call for us to remember to cherish and love each other. Maybe, it is time for us to choose a brighter lens to look through and take a deep breath so that we can reflect on our anxieties and fears and focus more on what we can do for each other as this is what we do have control over.

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